Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Solutions Network provides more ways to make money than any other business of which I'm aware. There are other Sections in the resource center that will detail the specifics of the many programs and the amounts of commission per sale, and details of how you earn even from products or services that you just give away. But for now, to make it simple, following are the basic principles of how you you make money.
Earn Points- the more you earn, the more you make! see "points and commissions" and "Claim Your Check" to see how to earn points and how much they pay.
Build an organization, (downline) of members from whom you earn overrides on each and every purchase and sale made by everyone in your organization through a full 10 levels. How do you build an organization? JUST GIVE AWAY WEBSITES. As many as you can. Your Fast Start Guide shows you how! Note: Earning from your downline requires that you earned a total of 15 points in that month.
Personal Use
Buy what you always buy, Do what you always do... Just buy it from your site!
Personal Use. Just shop from YOUR Site.


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